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Covid-19 – Our service to our clients - Hosking Associates Hosking Associates

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Covid-19 – Our service to our clients

Covid-19 – Our service to you 

We are all currently navigating unchartered waters. The current global health crisis has potentially far reaching human and financial impacts around the world. Not everyone can work flexibly, and we know you are working hard through this too.

As you know, we like to work alongside our customers to become part of the team. We do not just turn up, do a quick check, tell you what you have got wrong and leave you to it. We are proud to work alongside you to make Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) a driver for your success, celebrating the good stuff and working together so it becomes an integral part of your overall business strategy; a thread running through all your operations.

We have always prided ourselves on our flexibility. We will continue to support you during this challenging time to not only keep your business safe and healthy but ours too so we will still be here for you when the crisis passes.

If we need to meet in person, and the national advice says we can, we will continue to do so. For most of our customers, you are on a journey so we can also work with you remotely too. Our consultants will liaise with you in this respect and we may use video conferencing on the days we have organized so we can continue to all move forward. As always, you will receive a daily report so you know how we have completed your days. Working in this way we will mean we have no reason to cancel visits.

We have already worked with a number of you to ensure your organisations have the Covid-19 guidance you need for your teams and we have published our general guidance here.

Please continue to maintain your Health & Safety routines we have worked with you to create. With fewer staff, people are taking on roles they are not familiar with and as a result have new distractions, so remain vigilant. Keep up your normal standards but prioritise. There may be some high-risk work which can be delayed so our advice is to do so. Dealing with an accident or serious incident now could have greater or more far reaching implications whilst we are in this crisis.

Please do stay in touch with your lead consultant, who will speak to you regarding our personal support for you.